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Need another reason to book with us?

If the lowest price guarantee, 24/7 Customer Support, no credit card charges, no fees and no crazy cancellation policies are not reason enough to book with 1in50hotels.com then how about the unique 1in50 Promotion?

It's exactly as it sounds. Every 50th, 100th, 150th (sequential) completed departure each day is refunded back to the customer. We will notify you by email if yours is the Lucky 50th booking but of course, you need to have booked and stayed with us in order to be lucky number 50.

Refunds will be issued by cheque and in UK Pound Sterling based on the exchange rate of xe.com on the date of refund. If your current account is in another currency then a small amount will be deducted by your bank in bank fees, 1in50hotels.com do not absorb these fees, these belong to the customer.

The amount refunded is the total amount of your stay (even if that is 10 days, or consists of 3 rooms) minus city or sales tax


How do I know if my booking is the 50th?

1in50hotels.com will email you after your departure to let you know if you have the 50th sequential departure. If you do, you must provide us only with your name and address so we can issue the cheque to your address by post.

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